Bill Gates explains why his kids got mobile phone after 14

Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world and his fortune is close to $ 87 billion. If you think his three children 20, 17, 14-year-old grew up in mad comforts and they had everything in their life, then you make a very big mistake. Bill Gates not only allowed his children to get mobile after the age of 14, but he does everything in order not to grow up in the wrong way, believing their world belongs to them.

Even when he bought them smartphones he allowed them to use them for a specific time: “This helps my children sleep at a reasonable time without spending the whole day on their mobiles. In fact, they complained to me that the other children were getting mobile at a younger age. We do not have mobiles or tablets when we get together for food and we strive to have a balance. ”

Indeed, he has taken care of the value of the money, and if they wanted something they would have to make their pocket money by helping the household: “I want my children to cross their own path.” Besides, he has not hidden that his property will not be transferred to his family, but to charities and his children are proud of this move.

He also admitted wearing a $ 10 watch and he loves to eat fast food in an interview with Mirror.