Why Bill Gates changed his Windows phone to Android

When he founded Microsoft in 1975 and gave his Windows computer information, Bill rounded the throne of the tech guru and the richest man of the world, of course. As a moving animation of Windows, everyone would learn it, though Gates would not stay only in Widows for pc’s.

At one point, Windows would be running as a smartphone, though it would never have been the success that Gates dreamed of. That’s why he does not use his Windows phone anymore, changing it with an Android phone, as the BBC reports! A move that the network is kicking in the underbelly of both his own work and Apple’s.

“Recently, I actually came back to the Android phone,” he told Fox News Sunday, rushing to make sense: “No, not the iPhone.” However, he continues to use Microsoft applications and his Android mobile as the old hucks are hard to cut.

Microsoft made a massive investment in 2014, spending $ 7.2 billion, to buy Nokia’s mobile segment, although traffic was not commercially successful, as by 2016 sales accounted for only 1% of the global mobile market. That’s why Microsoft’s strategy is to build Android and iOS apps (such as Office and Outlook), where the vast majority of consumers are turning.

Despite Microsoft’s failure to put Windows on every cell phone, Oxfam recently estimated that if it continues to gather wealth at the same rate, Bill will be the world’s first trillion in the next 25 years! His fortune has also risen by $ 25 billion since he retired from the day-to-day business with Microsoft.