Bill Gates 25.000 acres dream-city in Arizona

A “smart city” dreams billionaire Bill Gates to build and for this reason he recently bought a giant  land in Arizona for $ 80 million. Belmont Partners, one of Gates’ investment companies, bought about 100 square kilometers of land in Tounapa, about 45 kilometers from Phoenix, to build a “smart city” called “Belmont,” KPNX said.

“Belmont will create a community of the future with a communication and infrastructure system that includes cutting-edge technology around high-speed digital networks, data centers, new production technologies and distribution models, stand-alone vehicles and stand-alone accounting hubs,” he said in a press release company, according to KPNX.

The community “will turn a rough stone into a city-template built on a flexible infrastructure model” according to Belmont Properties. According to information, it will include an area for 80,000 homes, two square kilometers for public schools and sprawling for offices, commercial buildings and retail outlets.

As Ron Scott of the Arizona Technology Council says, this market is a very smart move. According to him, the city’s location is ideal as it is very close to the newly opened Interstate-11 motorway, which is expected to link Belmont to Las Vegas. However, it remains unclear when the construction of the city will begin.