Bigger profits for Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP are behind us or in front of us?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other large cryptos have been severely hit lately. Over the past seven days, bitcoin has lost 15.94% of its value, Ethereum 20.14% and XRP 18.81%. Out of the top 100 cryptosnotes, only one recorded small profits, with most of the others recording large losses.

At the same time, investors have scared the news that the Coinrail cryptographic exchange in South Korea was hacked, as well as concerns about additional regulators’ intervention in the original currency offer. Nonetheless, some cricket experts believe that the biggest winnings for the bigger cryptos are in front of us.

Ben Marks, Founder and CEO of Blocktrade Capital, is one of them. “The biggest gains are ahead of us, and we are seeing increases in volumes and prices whenever a coin announces good news, as recently, that Ethereum Classic has announced that it will be listed on the Coinbase exchange,” says Marks. made the best performance against all other top currencies 20 in the past month.

This shows that the market still motivates investors and is the one that leads the market upwards. In order to have a prolonged upward period in the market, positive news needs to be more than negative so as not to “break down” Momentum.

Chris Kline, co-founder and COO at, agrees. “I think the best days are ahead of us,” he says, adding: “Over the last few months, we’ve seen a showcase of institutional interest in the cryptographic industry, including announcements about Goldman Sachs Bitcoin Trading Platform and Nasdaq and the Gemini cryptographic exchange. I believe that cryptographic prices are low at this time because the rules for market regulation are under way, but as soon as the uncertainty comes, the prices will be go up “.

Others are skeptical. Mary Saracco, businessman Blockchain and former World Bank Investment Officer Mary Saracco are one of them. “Although there have been opportunities for significant profits in many cryptosancies over the past two months, real gains will be in the long run when technology is used for the benefit of most people.”

It all depends on the development of the blockchain. “Using blockchain for the benefit of the community is the main reason why we must continue to develop this infrastructure,” adds Saracco. Another issue is if Bitcoin and other encryption will “pass” the field of technological developments to the general public.

Due to constant exposure to new information, the focus focuses on the look of cryptoscopes, and it should be about the whole audience, explains Saracco. “Mass adoption is therefore a central part of the future of the blockchain.” As Saracco explains, once we can use technology to solve serious problems, the biggest gains are ahead of us. ”

This was the issue in the past and will be in the future, although it is difficult to predict when this future will come and what the winners will be.