Big surprise in Apple’s new iPhone

Apple choοsed curved screen for one of the three smartphone models that will be presented this year, based on sources with knowledge of the company’s plans. According to the publication, the curved screen extending to the left and right edge of the device, providing more screen space for users to be able to deal more comfortable with the software.Rumors that Apple is planning a curved screen for the iPhone circulating for almost a year. Last year, in fact, there were reports saying that the iPhone 7 will be accompanied by a convex screen.Since the initial introduction of the iPhone in 2007, Apple has offered a flat screen based on liquid crystal technology. Meanwhile, some of Apple’s competitors, including Samsung, have placed curved screens on more expensive models.

One of the problems encountered by Apple, according to reports, is the OLED panel volume (organic light emitting diodes), which easily bent to the needs of convex screens. he Apple iPhone is selling hundreds of millions each year and will have many OLED displays to be able to offer the choice of the curved display to costumers. This unmet demand from any supplier has left Apple with LCD technology and has deprived the availability of an iPhone with a curved display. According to rumors, Apple plans to exploit the services of Samsung Display, a subsidiary of its main competitor, to acquire the OLED panels to produce an iPhone with a curved screen that will be presented this year.