How do beverages affect fertility?






Previous research has found that men who regularly consume soft drinks are more likely to have problems with their fertility and sex life.

The reason is that they have lesser sperm than those who avoided drinking soft drinks.

A new study by scientists at the Boston University School of Public Health confirms that frequent consumption of soft drinks affects both male and female fertility.

In particular, women who drank at least one beverage a day were 25% less likely to conceive, and men 33% less likely to fertilize.

The new study looked at 3,828 women, 21 to 45-year-old, and 1,045 of their comrades through Pregnancy Study Online.

Scientists have found that drinking a soft drink with sugar daily a man or his partner reduces the chances of becoming parents.

Drinking energy drinks has led to an even greater risk of infertility, while drinking fruit juice or soft drink seemed to have little effect on fertility.