When she became pregnant, something strange grew on her forehead. When the doctors removed it they were socked!

When the 39-year-old mother, Bethany Greenway from Texas, waited for her second child in the fall of 2014, she knew her body would undergo major changes.

The natural redhead discovered a blot on her forehead and thought it was due to the hormones. Although it looked like another huge freckle, she went to the dermatologist to be sure. After examining, even the dermatologist thought it was benign while it was not.

A biopsy revealed exactly the opposite: it was melanoma, a rare form and a very dangerous form of skin cancer. To survive, doctors had to act quickly: the muscles on her forehead and one of her lymph nodes near the ear contained cancer cells and had to be removed.

The interventions left a big scar on her forehead. The doctors took skin from her thigh and used it to cover the wound. For a while, Bethany had to wear a yellow sponge on her head until her body received the transplanted skin.

In the meantime, to stop the spread of cancer cells, she did immunotherapy and radiation therapy. As she did the treatments, she kept thinking about her children and how she had to survive for those. Now her daughters are 2 and 5 years old and all of them are in good health.

She hopes for others to see her story and to prevent a similar situation. If she had not looked at her spot when it was still early, she probably would not be here now. We should always look at a spot when it changes or when we get a new spot.