They beat to death this creature cause they thought it was extraterrestrial. They were shocked when they found out what it was

When they found this strange creature in the village of Sibu, Borneo, the villagers first thought they were dealing with an alien. They had never seen anything like this before, and they were very much concerned because they could not understand what it was. Reports say they were terrified and began to attack him.

After shouting and beating it, they left it unconsious. Eventually, they realized that the “alien” they were hitting was not a strange creature from another planet, but a malnourished bear. Herman Tutu, 33, explained that he was attacked by fear because it was something they could not understand.

When the bear finally woke up, the villagers videotaped it as it tried to escape the “monsters” that attacked him and managed to get lost in the forest. Eventually, the Malaysian authorities confirmed that this “extraterrestrial” was just a sick bear.

This animal is protected in the area and needed immediate help. It took months to find the animal again. Although it was afraid at first, since then his health has improved a lot – thanks to the help of the rescuers!

“He ate all the food and drank the water we gave it. Still, it has not got his fair back and we have to find out what the disease is.

Veterinarians believe it suffer from a skin infection and anemia. Fortunately, his health has improved a lot and they hope soon to be able to let it free.

We hope this bear will be well as soon as possible and return to its natural environment!