Battery explosion in mid-flight

With burns to the face came a woman from Australia, when she fell asleep in aircraft wearing the headphones. The headphones, which are operated with batteries exploded in a flight, injuring the woman and releasing fumes in the cabin. the incident occurred on February 19 in an aircraft which comes from Beijing and was bound for Melbourne. It was estimated that the batteries were those that caught fire, resulting explosion of the headphones. The woman wore the headphones, threw them immediately to the floor and hostesses thrown water.

Photo released by the Office of Secure Transportation Australia show the unfortunate woman has dirt on her face, and burned hair from hair and eyebrows. However, it is not known how serious burns and if they would leave permanent marks. Besides the young Australian problems experienced crew and other passengers as the aircraft cabin filled with smoke for the rest of the trip. Effusive was the smell of burning rubber and there were many of those who had respiratory problems.

At this point we have to note that, thanks to the rapid response of the flight attendants, the fire was quenched quickly, without spread to adjacent sites. The authorities remind travelers not to keep batteries in their suitcases, as there is  a probability of an explosion in the cargo area, which may not be able to reduce and ultimately prove fatal.