Basketball court from the future

This Gaming Arena seems to come from the future. The “Dash Warehouse” as it is called combines the adrenalin sport with the magic of technology and the internet.
It is a closed stadium with an area of ​​50 X 30 meters, which even has a peculiar structure, entirely of LED-type lights. The designer David Alberto Olivares Román selected the LED  lights and placed them so that they are highly visible but yet not distract players from the game.

Moreover, they are strong enough to withstand all the players as well as the strides made in the midst of the game. The base consists of LED lights is interactive and can be adapted for either a large court, or many small courts. In addition, LED screens are installed at the site and serve at intervals, as tables for individual courses.
The name “Dash Warehouse” was given after the application Dashboard App which connects to the stadium. The application not only allows you to book the slots, but you can also interact through this with other players and even create contests and tournaments!

This is the future of the land.