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Where is Barack Obama in the world, after the Presidency?

Even though tensions between now, U.S. President Donald Trump and former President Obama over the conspiracy that he had wiretapped him are intensifying. It seems that the former President is still gracefully detaching from one of the most stressful and busy jobs in the world.
From what we know, he has been to the most sunny California for some golf, an island in the Caribbean where he has been having fun doing some kitesurfing with the wealthy billionaire entreprenuer Richard Branson. After that he has also been to New York to attend a Broadway play and to go and have dinner with U2’s Bono afterwards.
He had some quality time over lunch in Omaha with the stock market billionaire investor Warren Buffett and then got in a flight to California, and then on yet another flight, but to go to Hawaii for some more golf.
However there are reports unconfirmed by CNN, that Obama is going for a long vacation and spend nearly a month on a empty island north of Tahiti. An island so empty that it only has one luxury hotel, named “The Brando” because the Island was once owned by Marlon Brando.
Regardless off all of the above reporting, an Obama spokesman says that the former president is now a private citizen and his schedule is also private.