Baby weights 360grm has shocked the doctors

When Hannah Wicks from Bristol, England, was pregnant, she had no idea what a mighty little girl she would soon bring to the world. Mother 31-year-old of two  children and her husband Steve, both were eager to meet their child but their enthusiasm was overshadowed by anxiety when Hannah had some bad news at the 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Poppy suffered from fetal growth restriction, which meant that blood could not reach her body.
Both parents were preparing for the worst when on March 9, Little Poppy Wicks was born weighing just 360g. When she was curled, she easily fit into her father’s palm and was no bigger than a tennis ball.


They immediately took her to the intensive  of the Bristol Southmead Hospital but her parents knew it was a very difficult fight. Her mother bought her a small bunny to not feel alone at the incubator.
But Poppy was fighting for life with all her powers. She refused to give up and surprise the doctors with her development.

Poppy, now 4 months old, has gone home and weighs nearly 2 pounds. It still needs oxygen help but she has become much stronger.
Her parents could not have been happier: “Poppy is a miracle kid – fight and fight and fight against all odds. But she made it. We have never stopped hoping, but we have always been prepared for the worst – that our daughter would not make it. “