Baby is crying cause his mother abandoned him. The reason will shock you

This is the gruesome moment when a baby with cancer in China is in hospital and crying after his painful treatment because he wants his mother. But what he did not know was that his mother had abandoned him because she did not want to take care of him because of his serious illness.

The 2-year-old Hu Haoyang, was diagnosed a year ago with hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer. The Yangyang family comes from Yicheng city of China. The child was diagnosed for the first time with hepatoblastoma in May 2016 when his father noticed that the baby frequently had a fever.

He did three rounds of chemotherapy and two-thirds of his liver was taken to a hospital in Shanghai. Doctors have successfully removed Yangyang’s tumor. However, the following year, cancer again appeared. Doctors told his family that the kid needed to have a liver transplant.

He was transferred to the Beijing Children’s Hospital for a better treatment. Yangyang’s father, Hu Xiaofei, fought hard to cover the costs of healing and surgery. The child’s medical expenses had reached one million yuan (127,875 €), an astronomical sum for Hu Xiaofei.

To cover the expenses, the family had borrowed about 700,000 yuan (89,512 €) from relatives, friends, and even loan sharks. Hu told a reporter from Yi Photos that his wife had left the family last November when Yangyang was preparing for his first surgery.

Yangyang’s mother took with her 200,000 yuan (25,605 €)money that were for Yangyang expenses. However, she returned the money after the family threatened to report it to the police. But she left after a week and never returned. Images appeared on the internet showing the young Yangyang crying in the ward and looking for his mother. Hu did not want to tell his son the truth, so he told him that his mom was at work.