Her baby was healthy until her friend came home and did something that would haunt her forever

“To kiss a baby is something that many people do not think before they do, and who can resist when a friend or relative brings the new and cute member of his family?” But it is the job of the parent to protect his baby from the various risks.

Samantha Rodgers, a mother from Des Moines, lived a nightmare with her son, Juliano, that could be prevented. The mouth of her one-year son was covered with wounds that were quickly transferred to his arms, throat and abdomen.
When Samantha went to the doctor, she told her not to worry, and that it would probably be a simple fever. But Juliano was very bad and his condition continued to worsen. Because the doctor’s treatment had no effect,

Samantha took her son to another pediatrician. Only then was the diagnosis of his illness. His mouth was cleaned, his saliva examined for herpes and came out positive. Samantha could not believe it and quickly searched for more information about her son’s condition.

She discovered that someone who had already had the virus transfered the virus to her son without knowing it either by giving him a kiss or simply holding him in his hands. Usually wounds of the herpes are cured within 8 to 10 days, but many can easily spread through contact.

Once infected with the virus, the carrier will have it forever because there is no known cure. That’s why it is important to protect young children, especially at the beginning of their lives, because their immune system is not strong enough to cope with it. Juliano will soon come out of the hospital and his mother hopes to recover completely.