Babies found dead from carbon monoxide

The death of two of the triple infants who died in their sleep last night was caused by poisoning, by carbon monoxide. Single-parent mother Sarah Owen, 29, saw that two of the five-month-old did not breathe on Saturday morning.

Owens moved to a privately owned home 10 weeks ago. She used to live with her parents when the triplets were born. The police, which said deaths are treated as a “tragic accident,” do not comment on the suspicion that infants die of carbon monoxide poisoning from a home heating system.


A spokesman for the South Wales police said: “At 10.05 am emergency services were in the Wildmill area of ​​Bridgend when they were informed that two babies did not breathe.” “Five-month-old children were taken to the hospital where their deaths were simply ascertained.”

The police officers did not publish other details of the tragedy, as the family was indiscriminate about these two deaths. A police source said: “This is a particularly sensitive incident, which is still in progress.” The South Wales Fire Department refused to comment on the tragedy.