Autonomous drones for recognition developed by the US Army

In the context of research and development of new innovative systems for the US military, DARPA has built a pioneering autonomous drone that will attempt to identify in hostile terrain and will also be used to locate survivors in natural disasters.

This drone is part of DARPA’s FLA (Fast Lightweight Autonomy) program and is already in the second phase of development. Recently, it also did pilot flights to Perry’s training center in Georgia.

The small and lightweight drone is equipped with a sophisticated neural network and can recognize streets, buildings, cars and various other objects. Then map them and convert them to downloadable images. These data are sent to a digital map allowing soldiers to better understand the environment they are working on.

In the recent test, the self-propelled drone flew at higher speed between high-rise buildings, through narrow alleys, while recognizing objects of interest. In addition, he entered a building through a narrow window and searched the rooms to create a three-dimensional map of the interior of the building.

Finally he recognized and threw himself down the stairs while he came out of the building through an open door.

According to DARPA, the autonomous drone will be a valuable collaborator of the soldiers on the battlefield. There is no official timetable for when it will be made available to the army this new system, the DARPA says that the algorithms developed in the context of the FLA program will be sent to the Army research lab for further development.