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Autism treatment sees new hope

Autistic individuals fight a continuous life long battle since autism is not merely a disorder. It is a struggle to dwell in the society despite of being socially deprived. Imagine what would it feel like if you are sitting among few normally oriented people, who are speaking to you and waiting for you to respond, but you do not know how to react and what to do in that very situation. Imagine what would it feel like if you are afraid to go out into the actual world just because you lack social interaction skills which is absolutely not your fault.

Treatment for girls with autism can be made best by focusing on establishing behavior skills, which suit social interactions and social contact as most necessary to repudiate autism spectrum disorder behavior in girls- says Mayra Mendez of Providence Saint John’s Child and Family Development Center in Santa Monica, CA.

Dr, Elliot, who is Children’s Health Council chief psychiatrist and medical director, shares her views regarding treatment of autistic individuals. She says that the sample size of study, which confines to 25 children in a group, is quite insufficient. She adds that it is not possible to determine that how much these discoveries which were obtained from the study, can be implemented for the treatment of AUD on a large scale. The connection between mental findings and those of the behavior may only show the interrelationship, and not the origin. The study may make remarkable observations, but it is not necessary that everybody agrees with the result.

The actual causation of autism is still a mystery. However, scientists point out towards genetic anomalies here.

“About 1 in 68 children has autism, a set of developmental brain disorders that are thought to be caused by both genes and other unknown factors.”- The director of Public health research, Micheal Rosanoff states.