Audi’s first racing boat

The German carmaker has helped design a Nacra 17 catamaran, with which Johannes Polkar – Carolina Werner will take part in regattas and claim their prize at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Indeed, the name given to this vessel refers to the highly anticipated electric SUV, e-tron, the company’s first purely electric-powered model, expected to be officially launched at the end of August.

The impressive construction prepared for its racing debut is exclusively sail-driven and can develop speeds of up to 50 km / h. In addition to helping design the boat, Audi is also the main sponsor of the German crew and chose the e-tron brand to promote its new zero pollutant model.

“The plan sends out a clear message: Audi is ready for a fully electric journey in 2018. We are opening a new chapter in Audi’s history,” said Audi designer Mark Lichte. “The design achieves the perfect balance between shape and aesthetics.”

In the past, Audi helped German sailboat Phillip Bull to perfect his technique in the company’s ultra-modern aerodynamic tunnel. Other companies from the automotive industry involved in sailing in one way or another are Volvo (Volvo Ocean Race) and Maserati (has built the Maserati Multi 70).