Atari is ready to launch three new Cryptocurrencies






They may constantly  charge them  for the products they announces and never go on the market or those world funding campaigns, but Atari still doing whatever it want. And now its ready to come down to the relatively shadowy world of cryptos with its own, Atari Token! It just wants to attract investors as it pays off financially, or does it want to steal a bit of Bithoin’s and similar affection?

Recently, Atari Game Partners CEO Fred Chesnais, after hacking about how his current leadership managed to save it from bankruptcy, told Bloomberg that Atari Token is getting ready for you to pay for digital services its gaming platform. But also the online casino it has set up with Pariplay Ltd, and you can pay for Internet gambling in the currency of Atari.

This was also said by Atari SA in its press release, also dreaming about how to revolutionize the traditional financial system, the generalization of the use of cryptos.

Kodak has done something similar with KodakCoin as they both try to save themselves in all possible and impossible ways except to make products and services. Even the notorious Ataribox that was going to be released is supposed to redeem the nostalgia of its old games, it remains a dream for the moment…