At 24-year-old she weighed 140 klg! Today she weighs 62 klg less!

At the age of 11, she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Since then, Jasmin Norman saw her klgs climb up as her metabolism became slower.
And as she saw that whatever the klgs did not decreased, she found comfort in junk food until she was 24 years old and weighed 140 klg!

“I just wanted to go out and eat all the” shrimps “that were in the food,” she said to Daily Mail Australia.

However, it always comes to a moment when we make important decisions about our lives. For Jasmin this time came when she eventually fell victim to an armed robbery just days after she suffered a painful separation. Then there was a click inside her, and Jasmin decided to take her life straight away.

She was enrolled in the gym where she went every day for workouts while she and her friends hiked, and to control what she was eating downloaded at her cell phone an pplication called MyFitnessPal, limiting the calorie consumption to 1,200 per day.

So within 8 months she lost 50 kilos, and now weighs less than 62 kilos of her original weight. Jasmin now, from the 140 kilos obese girl who ate 1.5 pounds of ice cream, now weighs just 78 pounds and wears the clothes she always wanted, and now her blood sugar levels have fallen far!

When she overweighted she was one step from Type 2 diabetes. Of course, the 24-year-old, due to the enormous change in her body, had to undergo a tightening surgery of $ 8,000 on her skin.