The astonishing wages of Formula 1 drivers

Three Formula One drivers, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton are included in the Forbes list with the most expensive athletes in 2018. Formula is known to pay high fees to its drivers, so it’s no surprise to have these three stars on the list.

Fernando Alonso

Profit of $ 33 million (Salary: $ 32 million and extra $ 1 million)

Fernando Alonso is ranked 39th in the list with Forbes’s most expensive athletes for 2018. He is one of the most experienced F1 drivers and is fighting for McLaren Renault. It has previously led to top teams such as Ferrari, McLaren Mercedes and Renault.

Alonso was at the height of his success in the last decade when he fought for Renault and won the title of the World Championship in 2005 and 2006.

As says, this decade was not very easy to race for Alonso as it reached the source but did not drink water, losing twice the title of world champion. He returned to McLaren in 2015, at the time of the major disaster, that is Honda’s co-operation with McLaren and as long as she was driving it, she was not found on the podium.

Alonso renewed his contract with McLaren last year, led also to the World Endurance Championship with Toyota and was the fastest in the Le Mans test and next week he will take part in the 24-hour race for the first time in his career

Alonso is one of the most prominent investors in Kimo, and in 2017 he launched an eSports team sponsored by Logitech. His 32 wins in his F1 career rank him in 6th place in the list.

Sebastian Vettel

Profit of $ 42.3 million (Salary: $ 32 million and extra $ 300,000)

Sebastian Vettel is ranked 18th with Forbes’s highest-paid athlete for 2018.

He leads for Scuderia Ferrari, won the first two races of the season, managed to get three Pole position and is currently in second place in the title fight. He is one of the favorites for the title of champion this year.

Vettel dominated F1 with his former team, Red Bull with 34 wins and four championships between 2010 and 2013.

Vettel has not won any title since he moved to Ferrari in 2015, but the checkbook is definitely better for the Italian team as the three-year contract signed with Ferrari last year and has been in force by 2020, yields more than 40 million dollars a year.

Lewis Hamilton

Profit $ 51 million (Salary: 42 million and extra fees of $ 9 million)

Lewis Hamilton is on 12th place with Forbes’s most expensive athletes for 2018.

Hamilton is currently the first in the league to have won 2 of this year’s grand prix. He drives for Mercedes and is the most sought-after driver for the next season as his three-year contract expires this year. It is more likely to earn more than $ 120 million with bonuses as it is close to a three-year extension of its contract with Mercedes by 2021.

Hamilton is F1’s most commercial guide, with agreements with giant companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Sony, and others.

Lewis Hamilton‘s net worth is estimated at about $ 240 million.