Aston Martin Project Neptune

Some time ago, the British firm had announced the expansion of its activities to an unprecedented field, yielding to Triton’s partnership proposal, a company specializing in the construction of underwater vessels for research and / or recreation.

The aim of the co-operation was to build a small underwater pleasure boat with Aston Martin’s signature signature and British luxury brand worthy specifications. The reason for Project Neptune, which, as Aston Martin points out, obeys the same design logic as the one followed in the Balkans, the sportscar racing specification that is the crown of Britons.

According to the recommendations, Neptune can dive to a depth of up to 500 meters by transporting two occupants and its operator while in terms of speed it is expected to reach five knots.

It is worth noting that despite the digital character of the images that were made public, Aston Martin announced that the construction of Neptune has already begun with the prospect of being officially unveiled within the year without revealing anything about its price. In any case, this is not expected to be insignificant given the particular nature of the construction and the requirements of the species.