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Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the law business

Big law firms with high profile clients and cases are starting to realize that if they don’t implement new cutting edge technologies and methodologies and communications flows, will make it hard for them to compete in the market and its demands. Tech is becoming more and more advanced as time goes by, and normal people want to have their lawyer bills cheaper and more affordable, and that is why technology might be disruption in a way so that people get cheaper service thanks to the facilitation advanced cutting edge software gives to these law firms in terms of service.
As more an more law firms become familiar(the numbers keep going up) with terms such as, but not limited to – machine learning and data mining, they are creating tech-focused jobs like “head of research and development” or hiring coders or artificial intelligence (AI) experts. A recent study by Deloitte has suggested that technology is already leading to job losses in the UK legal sector, and some 114,000 jobs could/and probably will be automated within 20 years.

Big names in the law game are pouring money hands over fist into AI as a way of automating common tasks that traditionally are assigned to junior lawyers. However a lot of people believe AI will allow lawyers to focus on complex, higher-value work in the future as more use cases come up.