Ariana Grande sang the Natural Woman and broke into tears

They asked, on Thursday, Ariana Grande to do something that she didn’t want to do at first.

Her presence was scheduled on the show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, but for a “sketch”, a comic scene. Not to sing.

When she arrived at stage, the producers of the show asked to sing a song by Aretha Franklin. As a farewell (a few hours ago, the “Queen of Soul”.

Ariana told them she could not do it, she was very excited. “She was one of my heroines,” she said. Then Questlove approached her and convinced her that it would be great to sing with Aretha’s hit with Roots.

When she left the stage, Ariana Grande broke into tears.

In her Twitter account, Ariana put up a photo of hers, embracing her with Aretha, only heartless, colorless, between the two bubbles, and time and date (6:50 PM – Aug 16, 2018).