Aragog: Mexican cocktail with tarantula poison

It was two years ago when Romeo Palomares created an unusual cocktail. At that time he worked at the Luciferina bar in Mexico City when he decided to add a drop of tarantula venom to his new cocktail.
A few days before the Day of the Dead, while he was walking on the market, he met a woman and she talked about the poison of the tarantula.

In fact, he encouraged him to try it out of a bottle she had with her telling him that it was not so powerful as to cause serious problems. The bartender was initially reluctant and was afraid, but eventually he drank a little.  As reported in one interview, it was sour and salty and had mild side effects.

Within a few seconds he could not move his tongue with comfort and felt his mouth swollen. Like he was out of the dentist. After several attempts he managed to create the cocktail he wanted. Aragog is made from a Mexican liqueur, Chilean, Brazilian cachaça, mango juice, lemon and 0,05% tarantula venom per 500ml.

Those who try it say the same as what he said the first time he tried the poison. Symptoms after drinking last at least for two hours. However, despite side effects, Luciferina can sell up to 200 Aragog cocktails in per evening.