Apple: Starts self driving vehicle testing in the USA!

More and more companies are beginning to turn their interest in self driving vehicles, as they see that this is the future of mobility and transport. From the fever of self driving has not escaped neither Apple. Its name appeared on the list of companies authorized to carry out self driving vehicle testing in California.


Apple has shown that it continues under conditions of secrecy its efforts to become active in the self driving vehicles, the so-called Project Titan. Working on this special piece of technology for several years, but without ever officially admitted. Recently released  even informations that has stopped trying to build its own autonomous vehicle, but instead focuses on developing self-driving software that could build in cooperation with existing car makers.

Now, the company appears asking permission to perform tests in California, having registered three Lexus RX 2015 models vehicles, and six drivers. Most do not know exactly which are the company’s plans in this area of ​​technology, however, if it starts the tests we will know next time.