Apple SIM an Apple Carrier Coming Soon?

With the its initiative to do away with current sim cards, who’s be surprised by Business Insider’s report that Apple is exploring plans to become a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Europe and the US?

What does this mean? Does this mean that Apple will offer the same services as Verizon or AT&T? Pretty much. This move should come as no surprise for those who’ve been following Apple’s latest push: phones with imbedded SIMS. This essentially means that changing carriers won’t necessarily mean changing your phone number.

While there is hype about behind the carrier idea, it isn’t coming anytime soon. That said, Apple plans to invest in the technology, with some of its own long term goals. It may even be planning to be its own carrier in the future.

Services like Facebook and Whatsapp have long skirted past carrier by offering free calling and texting over the internet. But if apple takes its own reins, maybe these players won’t have to circumvent anything anymore.

Perhaps Apple is only a few years away from launching another industry shaking piece of service or technology. And when that time comes, who knows what’s next?