Apple refuses to take part in the EU hearing on tax evasion

Apple said it would not participate in any apology to the European institutions because it would be like admitting the tax evasion offenses that accuse it. We must not forget that the European Union has imposed on Apple to pay up to 13 billion euros ($ 15 billion) in taxes in Ireland, apparently because it was abused by the lawless loopholes that allowed it to escape tax.

On 21 June, a European Parliament committee is planning to hold a hearing in which Apple will apologize for tax evasion. Apple said it expects the European Court of Human Rights to hear the appeal to decide whether the accusations against it are valid.

“It is important to ensure that the public hearing of apology will not affect these processes,” Claire Thwaites, senior director of European affairs at Apple, writes in a letter.

Thwaites added: “As the appeal is still in progress, we will not be able to participate in any public hearings on this matter, because it could harm the proceedings before the court, as well as possible possible appeals that may arise later” .

Ireland also appealed against the European Commission’s mandate in August 2016, stating that the tax agreement between the country and the company was in line with EU and Irish laws. The European Union’s unlawful competitor on Friday said he hopes to pay the full amount of tax evasion as soon as possible. Apple has already paid the first installment of the fine last month.

The favorable tax regime offered by Ireland to Apple has been severely criticized by the Commission, Obviously because it was a blatant affair with the rest of the companies.