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Apple To Release Most Promising iPhone 7 to Date

For lack of anything new to work on, Apple has been cramming day and night to meet their September release date, that would bring upon humanity… *drum roll*… the thinnest iPhone yet! Yeah, we know, we know, that’s just what you’ve always wanted from your smartphone, to be so ridiculously thin, you’d bend it if you sat on it.

So what are some of the specs rumored to be in this new miracle device? We’ll tell you what!

This device will be around 1 mm thinner than the iPhone 6, which was 6.9 mm thick, and the iPhone 6 Plus, which was 7.1 mm thick. The new iPhone 7 will be the thinnest yet, at 6.1 mm. What’s more is that this model will boast stereo speakers; however, forget the headphones socket, they’re dumping that. I mean, what would you rather have, a cool thin handset or the ability to listen to your own music undisturbed on your way back from work?

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We vote thin handset because you’ve got stereo speakers to share your music with the world, now! That’s, like, totally hipster, dude! Also, the phone’s camera won’t have the bump it had with the previous models; it’ll lay flat within the rare casing due to a thinner camera module. How cool is that!?

So there you have it! We know your just dying to try it out. I mean, it’s so promising! We know Apple can’t wait to release it, either; they’ll be expecting a surge in iPod sales, too!