Anonymous Attack Trump in #OpWhiteRose

Anonymous has declared “total war” on Trump.

They have already leaked Trump’s private cell phone number, SSN and the address to his Palm Beach residence in Florida. This is the newest phase of their war on him; they say they’re only getting started, and promise it will get much worse. The hacktivists’ “doxxing” has also reached Trump’s personal agent and legal representatives, making their numbers also public.

However, some have pointed out that this “private” info about Trump was already public knowledge. On August 15, Trump gave his number publicly in a tweet:

This anti-Trump was is being dubbed #OpWhiteRose named after a non-violent activist group from Nazi Germany. The operation was announced on March 16, and aims “to unite to fight fascism”. The hacktivists declared that “the White Rose Society has risen again in the United States. They are at Anti-Trump protests, and rallies in support of their Muslim and Latino neighbors.”

As part of this “total war” movement, Anonymous have sent out an invitation to their fellow hacktivists to attack all Trump’s websites on April Fool’s day; their main aim is to dismantle Trump’s presidential campaign. Giving out private data isn’t the only thing they did, as Anonymous launched a petition earlier to ban Trump from the UK and this petition has so far received half a million signatures!