Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt: What really happened on the flight that ended their marriage?

The beginning of the end for Brangelina, the famous Hollywood favorite couple who seemed to have everything in this life, was last September, during a flight in which Brad Pitt  was drunk and out of his mind.

Recent reports say that Angelina Jolie left an improbable insight into something quite ugly that was made on that flight,  UsWeekly says that Brad was drinking a lot something that did not really like Angelina. They even wrote that he had asked him to sober up an hour before landing at Minnesota airport while workers said they heard voices from the aircraft before the doors were opened.

During the refueling and while the aircraft was on hold, Brad Pitt was driving an airport vehicle in the runway  until it fell to another parked car. The fight with Angelina continued when they re-entered the airplane while Maddox at that moment was trying to calm them down and when they landed in Los Angeles, Angelina called for extra cars to go with the children to a hotel until the situation with Brad was calm.

As far as divorce is concerned, they say that Angelina was thinking about it for a while, while Brad decided to cut off alcohol after that episode, and he admitted that he had a problem with alcoholism