And the Oscar FINALLY Goes To… Leonardo DiCaprio !

Last night’s Golden Globes were probably the most anticipated ever… we were all waiting for the ridiculous moment when Leonardo DiCaprio gets the Oscar snatched from right under his hands by some under rated actor. But lo and behold, it didn’t!

As presenter Julianne Moore got ready to announce the Winner for the Best Actor category, she seemed to be really biding her time. Obviously, she was either trying to save Leo from a sudden stroke or waiting for someone to come in with the correct results – because really that would’ve been one sick joke!

And yet… it wasn’t and Leo was finally announced winner! Of course, none of the other actors in his category even dared show disappointment because, really, don’t you have a heart? After some very extensive and well deserved applaud, Leo gave his acceptance speech for the Best Actor award for his movie, the Revenant. He thanked everyone from his parents to the makeup artist, and used the occasion to remind people of the importance of supporting the indigenous cultures of the world. He also stressed the need to protect our environment, sticking true to his title of UN Messenger of Peace.

Well then, there you have it, people. Leo finally got his Oscar; he must have felt like the over-achieving, undermined son for years, now, and we couldn’t be more proud of our handsome and epically talented late bloomer.

You may now find another undermined actor to meme, internet.