An unprecedented geometric iceberg was photographed by NASA

An unusually large iceberg with the shape of a perfect rectangle – reminiscent of the extraterrestrial monolith in the film “2001: Space Odyssey” but in a frozen version – was photographed by the US Space Agency (NASA). In the photo published, one can only admire nature, which, in all its chaotic randomness, can produce almost perfect geometric shapes on such a large scale.

Generally, there are two kinds of icebergs: those that look like a triangle or a prism over the water surface (like the one that dipped the Titanic) and those that are long, wide and flat like cake slice. The specific geometric iceberg, which is nearly two kilometers long, has been detached from the gradually collapsing Larsen C ice cube on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Only a tenth of the iceberg is visible, as the rest is in the water. Scientists consider it unstable and prone to further disruption.