American tv personality reveals that underwent gender reassignment surgery

Caitlyn Jenner revealed that underwent gender reassignment surgery, two years after former Olympic champion in decathlon, announced its intention to live as a woman.The 67 year old Caitlyn, is one of the most famous transgender women of America, notes in her memoir to be published shortly.

She went under surgery in January and decided to make it public “to all of you to stop to stare.” “You wanted to know, so now you know. So this is the first and last time you talk about it, “wrote Jenner, according to excerpts leaked from her memoirs, entitled« The Secrets of My Life ».

She revealed her new identity during a television interview in April 2015 and announced that she is changing her name from Bruce to Caitlin in an interview in July 2015 for Vanity Fair magazine, where she posed on the cover. Caitlyn Jenner, step father of the Tv reality show stars Kim, Khloé Kardashian and Courtney’s, made her own show at which recorded the entire sex change.

According to the extracts, Caitlyn Jenner confirmed that the surgery, which was expensive and complicated, was a successful operation and that she feels “not only excellent but also liberated.”