American specialist warns of the risk of influenza mutation

Dr Jonathan Quiq, the head of the Global Health Council, believes that a new influenza pandemic, similar to the Spanish that killed 25 million people in 1918, is located at the gates. “The conditions are unfortunately ideal. And it could break even tomorrow, “he says, pointing out that large factories, employing large human resources, are potential hatcheries for pandemic transmission.

Given that people will not have – at least at first – immunity to such a new form of influenza, the virus could kill over 300 million people within two years, says Dr Kuik stressing that the most effective method of protection is to cover the nose with the elbow when sneezing and avoid touching contaminated surfaces in public places.

The American expert, however, underlines that “the most important thing humanity has to do is develop an effective vaccine against all influenza viruses. As a doctor, I know that nothing provides as effective protection as vaccines. ”

Six teams of researchers are currently working around the globe feverishly to develop a substance that will attack a major influenza virus molecule to develop a vaccine effective for all influenza viruses.