American ex-marine was arrested by FBI agents

An American ex-μarine was arrested by FBI agents, and was about to cause carnage days of Christmas in one of the busiest shopping centers in San Francisco.

Inspired by the self-styled Islamic State, the 26 year old Everit Aaron Jameson, truck driver and former Marine, was preparing an attack on the mall “Pier 39» (Pier 39), according to the document sent by the FBI in federal court in California.

The suspect told FBI agents he wanted to use explosives to attack the crowd in the period between December 25th and January 18th, because “Christmas is the perfect day to make an attack.”

The 26 year old said he chose the resort because it had visited and knew it was a very crowded area at Christmas “, and said he was” ready to die “.

FBI police officers on Wednesday raided his home and found his will, lots of weapons and ammunition.