Amber Heard marries again her billionaire sweetheart

It may not have passed a long time from the most popular breakup with Johnny Depp, however, Amber Heard seems to have already found a new Amore.

Her new boyfriend is the famous billionaire Elon Musk, co-founder of Tesla, SpaceX, and owner of several other companies, whose personal fortune is estimated at $ 13.9 billion (the 80th richest man in the world and 21st in the Forbes list of the strongest in the planet).

According to the Daily Mail, the actress has said she would like to marry him and plans to have a family with him. Certainly, the father of Amber Heard revealed that the relationship of his daughter with the billionaire is really serious. The 45-year-old, billionaire’s assets already two marriages and divorces respectively and is the father of six children.

After the divorce Amber Heard got $ 7 million. Provided to drop the charges against him and to end the litigation. This amount was donated to two charities wanting to shut the mouths of those who accused (including the ones of Depp as well) as a fortune hunter. “Money never played a role in my life, and will not play. With interest only insofar as of helping other people less fortunate than me, “she stated.