An amazing drone car

An autonomous ‘modular’ vehicle which from car transforms into drone depending on traffic encountered in the city, Airbus envisioned. The Pop.Up named as the new concept of European aerospace giant. It was created in collaboration with the Italian company Italdesign. It consists of a capsule carbon fiber length of 2.6 m., Width 1.5m. and height 1,4 m., which will “snap” onto the frame of an autonomous vehicle that moves through the city streets.

When again starts the hell of traffic, the user can through his smartphone  call a drone to … rescue. The capsule will be released from the base and will snap back to the bottom of the drone thereby converted to aerial vehicle. Upon completion of its mission, the autonomous soil-air vehicle, automatically returns to the charging base. The Airbus announcement came at the International Geneva Motor Show 2017. The company even claims that behind the flexible system of Pop.Up there will be an artificial intelligence platform that will serve the user desires.

“The addition of a third dimension in unhindered networks” polymorphic “movements without doubt will improve our lives and the way in which we move from point A to point B,” explains Mathias Thomsen, Director General of Department Urban Air Mobility of airbus. “The design and successful implementation of solutions that will work both in the air and on land, requiring a joint cooperation aerospace, automotive, and the relevant bodies.”