An amazing discovery that changes everything

The existence of pyramids on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, they see behind the images that have recently occurred, the conspirators of conspiracy theories around the globe.

The reason for the new debate that has broken out in international conspiracy cycles is a video that came to public, which seems to portray the shape of the pyramids on the … bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, off the Bahamas.
The “discovery” came to light when the UFO hunter and other unexplained phenomena, Scott Waring, looking for territorial anomalies in the bottom, came up against this unexpected issue.

According to Waring, it’s two oversized structures, one with the Giza pyramid, while the shape of another “construction” is more like an Incas monument.

However, similar theories have been rewritten in the past, as the area in question is within the “Bermuda Triangle”, which provides constant feed for such scenarios, while internet users’ reactions to “discovery” have been shared, as some have shown to be persuaded about the existence of the pyramids at the bottom, while others slightly more cynical cause Waring to … descend to the bottom for field research.