Amal Clooney to give birth in a few weeks

Only a few weeks remain from the arrival of the twins of the famous Amal and George Clooney pair. George Clooney is not leaving the side of his wife anymore, as he wants to be present at the birth of their children, as he has stated many times.

Although he was invited to attend the Aurora Prize Ceremony in Yerevan, Armenia, the actor and activist could not attend due to his wife’s pregnancy, according to the News Agency.


“I would love to go to Yerevan, but if my wife gave birth when I was there, I could never come back home,” the actor joked in a video screened at the ceremony, revealing that the birth of the twins is expected to be very soon.

A source near the couple said the two were eager to see their babies and literally count the days. Every day they think it will be the day, but so far, they have apparently failed to predict properly, says the same source.