Alvin Sargent, Spider-Man script writer and Julia died today

Alvin Sargent, Spider-Man script writer died at his Seattle home for natural reasons. Alvin Sargent won the Oscar-adapted screenplay for Julia, based on the autobiography of American dramaist Lilian Helman in 1977.

He won the same Oscar in 1980 for the Universal People film, Robert Redford’s directorial debut. He also wrote the scenes for Spider-Man 2 in 2004, Spider-Man 3 in 2007 and The Amazing Spider Man in 2012. He also had an Oscar nomination in 1974 for the film “Paper Moon.”

His first movie script was written in 1966 for Gambit, starring Michael Cain. Sargent was married in 2010 by producer Laura Ziskin after over 25 years of relationship. Ziskin died in 2011 from cancer.