Alien bacteria were found at the International Space Station







If earth is the only planet that hosts life, this is a belief that has long been questioned by the greatest scientists. Which will most likely will celebrate by the discovery of some bacteria on the outer surface of the International Space Station, which the first evidence says do not come from our planet.

Astronauts often collect specimens from the station housing, which are later analyzed by experts back to earth. This makes it better to understand how the Station works and how it responds to the inhospitable conditions of space. And while the place of origin of the bacteria is not yet clear, the Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov appears convinced that it is alien life!

“Bacteria that were not there at the launch of the International Space Station capsule were spotted in the coatings,” the cosmonaut explained at the Russian news agency TASS, “so they traveled somewhere in space and settled out of the shaft.”







Although this is to be proven when the samples are sent to earth, the cosmonaut pointed out that “there is no danger”. It appears even sure of his discovery, saying it has often consider earthly bacteria carried in the universe with the various missions and do not look the same at all.

But we should wait for further analyzes to see if we are alone or not..