Alexander Vinik will be extradited to France

The Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki accepted the proposal of the prosecutor’s office, for the 39-year-old Russian citizen Alexander Vinik, also known as “Mr. Bitcoin ».

Vinic is accused of managing the BTC-e digital coin platform, which allegedly legitimized the profits of criminal organizations, while the US, France, and Russia are “claiming” it. “The European arrest warrant in France (issued on 15 June 2018) has all the elements required by the Greek law and is therefore enforceable”, the prosecutor noted in her speech, proposing the extradition of the so-called internationally «Mr. Bitcoin “to the French authorities, who, among others, charged him that he erased illegally profits of 130 million euros.

Following the announcement of the decision an appeal was lodged, which will be examined by the Supreme Court. It should also be noted that the 39-year-old Russian has filed an asylum application in our country, which was rejected first, while on 13 September 2018 he will be re-examined. Until then, he will be detained in our country while the Greek authorities have begun investigating whether he committed criminal offenses in the time he arrived in Greece until his arrest (9-25 July 2017).

Alexander Vinik claims he did so from Halkidiki to be sentenced in our country and to remain in custody here, as the latter wants to be extradited to the US. The case is being investigated by the Security of Thessaloniki.