Albert Finney lost battle against cancer

Albert Finney, aged 82, died serene after a short illness, with his own people at his side. The family pleads for its privacy at this sad moment, “says the actress’s family announcement.

Albert Finney, one of the leading figures in the 60s British film ‘new wave’, was diagnosed in 2011 with kidney cancer.

He was nominated five times for an Oscar, four for A’ Men’s Role and one for B’ Men’s Role, but he never won, and he also denied the title of Knight.

The role that made him known to the general public was that of the angry and lethargic proletarian Arthur Sitton in the British film production of 1961, “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning”.

In the six decades of his film career he starred in films such as “Two on the Road” (1967) “Crime at Origen Express” (1974) “The Browning Version” (1994), “Erin Brokovic” (2000) Born’s ultimatum “(2007) and others.

Born in Salford in 1936, Albert Finney studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and in the same class as other world cinemas, Peter O’Tool and Alan Baits.

Having established himself as a theatrical actor, in the late 1950s, Finney turned to the cinema and his debut was a small role in the cinematic transfer of John Osbourne’s “Entertainer,” while his first starring role was in “Saturday Night, Sunday morning “as” Arthur Shield.

He became the face of British cinema and his career was thrown after his role as Tom Jones in Tony Richards’ (Tom Jones or Business Bedroom) homonymous film. “Tom Jones” was a big hit in the US and won four Oscars, including Best Picture.