Albania, Europe’s hidden treasure!

Many of you might have never heard of the small country located in South-Eastern Europe but if you are in for delicious food and an exceptional riviera, Albania has a lot to offer!

The ex-communist country has been featured lately on various prestigious worldwide known magazines for a reason. The weather is great, the food is cheap and the coastline is amazing.

How to Get There?

By plane its only 1 hour from the capital of Italy (Rome) but if you are more adventurous you could always visit Albania by car or by a cruise


Albania has a lot to offer for your money so if you are on a tight budget and are looking to have fun you could do so by spending just about $500 for 10 days (including meals / transportation and accommodation)

Main Cities to visit?

Tirana – the capital and the largest city has a lot to offer for any type of tourist
Sarande – located in South Albania its well-known for its deep-blue Ionian sea and the great food
Shkoder – the city of bicycles! Don’t leave the city without visiting the famous Rozafa castle