Alarm clock of the future

Imagine having a talented barista ready every morning to make your favorite coffee.

Thanks to British designer Josh Renou, this will be almost available in a while. The reason for an alarm clock called “Barisieur” which also acts as a coffee machine. It wakes you up and at the same time welcomes you to the new day with the sound of water that boils and the smell of your favorite drink.

This particular alarm clock will make you a cup of hot coffee or tea so that when you get up you have it ready to enjoy it. This “smart” alarm clock is currently under construction and is expected to cost around $ 250. The manufacturer’s goal is a functional but also stylish product, and with these criteria the “Barisieur” was created.

“It is an example of timeless design that will accompany you for many years,” says the manufacturer.

The creator of Barisieur sought funding for his ambitious project through Indigogo. On July 29, he fully covered the amount he had set, bringing together over $ 655,000. It seems that there are many who have difficulty with morning awakening.