Alain Delon puts an end to his career

His decision to end his career with a film, which will be his last, was announced by famous actor Alec Delon at the AFP. On Friday, on the occasion of a ceremony in his honor at the International Film Festival in Liege, Belgium, he announced that he was preparing to make a final film.

“I have my age, I did the career I did. I will close the circle with a wonderful film and a wonderful play. This does not immediately mean the end of life but the end of a career. By organizing boxing matches, I saw people who were sorry to give up a fight that was unnecessary. I will not do that, “said Delon. In October and November, the French actor will be filming for film, with director Patricie Lecond, author of the book “Encyclopédie Delon” (2016).

“We have long wanted to have a film about cinema together. The script is almost complete. It will be a very nice love story. The title has not yet been found, but the person I’m doing is going to be a little bit of myself in everyday life: a man of my age who is foolish and reckless, but before he leaves he discovers love. It’s a film that puts the end-of-career titles in a career, “said the actor who will co-compete for the first time with Zeliet Binous,” a wonderful actress. ”

“The film will be screened in 2018. Everything is possible, even the Cannes festival. For my last film, I would like to go back to Cannes and say goodbye. ”

In 2013, after years of disagreement with Cannes, who had not called him on the 50th anniversary celebration, the actor was one of the honored figures of the 66th film festival on the occasion of a show Adaptation of René Cleman’s film “Nude to the Sun”.

“After this last film, I will end my career with a wonderful play written for me,” Le Crépuscule d’un Fauve “( The Twilight of a Beast) by Jean Foden,” also announced Delon A policeman in Paris, who is injured by a bullet at the time of his duty and forced to stop from his profession, will be depicted on the board.