Akoin is the new crypto that aspires to help Africa

His own crypto, Akoin, will be released by the American singer, composer, actress and businessman Akon, as Cannes Lions announced, at the Cannes Creativity Festival.

The Missouri-born artist who spent the childhood in Senegal said that Akoin would be available for sale in two weeks and expressed the hope that his initiative would further help the African continent, where he already implements the solar energy program, Lighting Africa.

“I think blockchain and crypto could be salvation for Africa in many ways because they bring power back to the people, restore security to the monetary system, they also allow people to use them in ways they can progress and do not allow the government to do those things that keep them behind, “he explained during a panel.

The site of the new cryptography reports that Akon Crypto City is being developed on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 8,100 square meters granted by Senegal’s president to the singer and that it will be the first 100% city-based city with Akoin in the center of transactions.

When he accepted technical questions about the blockchain, Akon, according to Page Six, said: “I have the ideas and let geeks (gurus of technology) understand it.” The singer, whose ambitions do not stop there after he has stated that he is thinking of entering politics, said he is ready to fight not only with Donald Trump, but also with Kaney West in 2020.