Airbus believes that artificial intelligence will eliminate flight delays

Airbus is one of the largest companies in Europe and the largest aircraft manufacturing industry in the world. It offers a range of dynamic passenger aircrafts ranging from 100 to 600 passengers. Indeed, apart from the passenger planes, it also manufactures war for the army, commercially for the transport of things, as well as unmanned ones,

Adam Bonefield, vice president of Airbus’s Artificial Intelligence, said: “Using this technology, along with the similar ones, will drastically reduce flight delays and help many airlines avoid unnecessary costs that often make them difficult Financial position”.

To achieve this, Airbus has adopted a special approach to data management and analysis. These databases will be located on airplanes and will be used on flight times, which will then make them available to companies and individual users.

For example, the JetBlue airline using Airbus aircraft, through algorithms and artificial intelligence, can determine the optimal maintenance program for its large fleet (over 200 aircraft). Also, artificial intelligence seems particularly useful for operations, air traffic management and other services.

To understand the damage caused by air travel delays, about $ 40 billion is lost or spent due to delays only in the United States each year, […] and about 80% of airlines have been facing this particular problem for decades. All this is due to the fact that they do not have access to certain data that would help them manage when the plane will come or leave.

More than 200 airlines use Airbus’s Smarter Fleet technology. While others are building on the partnership with IBM, which in 2013 announced it would provide operators with specialized IT services for maintenance, engineering and flight operations.

Last year, Airbus teamed up with Palantir Technologies to create Skywise, a platform for managing and advanced processing of large data. (Big data is a term commonly used by experts to refer to data sets that are too large or complex for traditional data processing software ..)

The company claims that through Skywise it has not only improved the performance of its operations on Airbus’s aircraft, it also allows reporting of malfunctions, improved operational efficiency for old-style fleets and workflows, and all these reports are done with one click , which are then submitted to the regulatory bodies.