At age 25, she adopted a disabled child. While she was showering him she felt something strange on his head

Rosanna Maidana from Santa Fe, Argentina, played with her son, Renzo, in a field when a horse hit him. Fearful, the horse kicked the little boy and hit his head badly.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion as Renzo fell with his back down. While going to the nearest hospital, Rosanna spoke to the child to stay awake. In intensive, her son was subjected to CT scan to see doctors the extent of the damage. Unfortunately, the news was bad: Renzo had hit badly and his life would never be the same again.

With extensive damage to the brain, the boy had to be kept alive by machine. Since then, he was considered as a disabled child. In the years that followed, Rosanna and her son were regular visitors to the hospital. In one of his exams, Rosanna noticed a nurse with a child who had similar problems with her son.

It seemed strange to her that the child was alone without his family and so she asked to know who he was. She then listened to the heartbreaking story of Axel Figueroa, a little boy with neurological problems abandoned by his parents.

Like Renzo, Axel was an average child until his two years of age. However, his biological mother and her partner have abused him so badly that he was left with very serious brain problems. “From the moment I saw him, I could not stop thinking about him and I wanted to take him with me. I could not understand how a mother could do that to her own child. ”

Despite her young age, 25-year-old Rosanna was sure of one thing: she had to adopt Axel and give him the family he deserved. Eventually, she managed to make the papers they needed, but she had difficulties because she was a single mother.

One year after the beginning of the proceedings, Rosanna suffered a tragedy that no one should experience: Renzo died. Despite her loss, she completed the procedures she needed to adopt Axel, and finally, she became officially his mother. Since then, Rosanna, Axel and her other son live together as a family. Renzo will stay forever in her memories – he helped her understand what kids with disabilities are going through.